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Membership and Posting Guidelines
« on: March 12, 2007, 02:46:41 PM »
Welcome to Fight Club . . . uh, I mean . . . .

There are very few rules for participation on this forum.  Here they are:

1) No spamming.  If you would like to announce your book, website, or other public creation, please do not use any of the discussion forums.  You may post brief announcements (with links to your work) in the "Members' Work" child board of the Miscellaneous forum under the Community category.  In any forum, you are welcome to link to any creation belonging to you that is free and accessible on the web if it is relevant to the discussion.

2) Avoid personal attacks on other members.  Debates and arguments, even heated ones, are fine . . . even encouraged.  But when these debates slip into personal attacks that have nothing to do with the subject being discussed, they are no longer constructive.  But, of course, this is bound to happen now and again.  So when it does, I will warn you to get back to the subject at hand and recommend that you take your personal conflict to private messaging.

I will not intervene judicially in personal disputes.  If you find someone's attitude or ideology offensive, feel free to tell them so (privately).  If you disagree with their position, feel free to try to refute it (publicly).  Try to remember that it is no one else's duty to protect your sacred cows . . . and when you put your foot in your mouth, it will be up to you to extract it.

3) Keep it legal.  Don't violate any copyright laws with what you choose to post.  There's a lot of gray area here, since this is a discussion forum, but please try to use common sense.  Please get the author's permission to reproduce larger pieces of text when necessary.

Exercise common sense regarding what is appropriate to say and link in your posts.  This forum is centered around depth psychology.  It's a very broad subject, but it does have its limits.

4) Attachments.  If you can link to a file (image, video, sound, etc.) you would like to include in your post, please link to it rather than attaching it.  The attachment size and number per post are currently set pretty high . . . but this is bandwidth I am providing as part of my service as host of the forum.  There may come a time at which I have to cut back on attachment sizes in order to keep the forum running efficiently.  Also, I may decide to remove very old attachments eventually, if server space is running out.  If that happens, I will warn the posters involved and try to work out an alternative solution.

If you would like to share a file that is too large to attach, please contact me via private message.  I may be able to temporarily host the file for membership viewing if there is enough interest, I have enough bandwidth, and we have permission to do so.

Well, that's about all I can think of.  Have fun!  (-)howdy(-)

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