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Intuition in dreams
« on: April 13, 2011, 06:08:08 PM »
I've made an interpretation of a particular dream that I had that seemed to equate the conscious function of intuition to an aspect of a dream that might often be considered an artifact of poor dream recall...

Consider the times when, on remembering or recording a dream you come to a point where there is some kind of communication between yourself and another person or entity or object in a dream and that communication has the following characteristics:

1.  There is a non-verbal exchange of knowledge
2.  There is an exchange of information that might have been verbal but could not be recalled clearly at all
3.  There was a verbal exchange but the term was ambiguous such as a compound word that has contradictory meanings (e.g. significant ambivalence, reddish-green)

If you have any dream samples please provide in a reply to this thread and also mention, if you would, your understanding of intuition as Jung has defined it (or as you define it) in your psychological make up.