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Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon


Matt Koeske:
I'm currently watching Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon (for about the 15th time . . . I own it).  Wow!  What a fantastic story, a sublime and rich fairytale.

Does anyone know if any Jungians have written interpretations of it before?  I think I might have encountered one somewhere once, but I can't remember where or how extensive it was.  I'm also curious because watching it again (first times since the birth of Useless Science), I see that there are many aspects of the story that I think conventional Jungian interpretation would botch . . . especially because of the inadequacy of Jungian animus theory.  But I see the animus/female hero dynamic in this story playing out in a way that is entirely compatible with my revisions of the animi theory (and also with alchemy, which of course, my theory parallels in the divergence from Jungian animi theory).

If anybody would like to discuss the psychological themes of this film in more detail, I'd definitely be game.

Keri, have we talked about this movie before?  As someone whose done some deep animus work, I would be interested in hearing your take on the story.

Hi Matt,

Haven't seen it, but I will. :)

Love, Keri

Yes, it is absolute with you I will agree. I did not hear, whether that have written any Jungians interpretations of it before.


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