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I find it interesting to make note of anything which seems to act as a container for a dream character or another container.  By container I mean any kind of space, region, building, cabinet, box, etc that helps to define an inside versus an outside space.  If one is in a house in the city or in a tent in the woods, one is in a double-layered container.  If one is trapped in a room in a house in a _____ (fill in the blank), then you have a triple-layered container. 

It may be that a container indicates a hierarchical layer of control in the ego structure.  The ability to access a space outside or inside a container may suggest differing perspectives on this hierarchical layer of control and the degree, or lack thereof, of coordination between these layers. 

One possibility for what this control hierarchy might refer to is the four conscious functions as they are hierarchically layered in the structure of ego consciousness.  If this is true, then containers may often express a four-fold nature .  If in a dream a dream character leaves the most confining layer of containment and enters an outer layer, this might represent an integration or coordination of the primary and secondary conscious functions allowing for an encounter with the tertiary function.  It may be that the journey across the next container boundary indicates coming into contact with the tertiary or undifferentiated tertiary/inferior functions/functional realms.
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