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The two princes
« on: July 19, 2007, 09:54:57 AM »
(Dear All,

I have been searching the web to find the source of this tale, but could not. If you happen to find the link, please send it to me. I have read this Buddhist tale a few years ago.

Once upon a time there lived a king who had two sons. One was kind and had a good heart, but he was not much interested in worldly things, while the other, the younger, was interested in nothing but worldly things, and the servants of the royal house doubted if he had a heart at all. When the king became very old and he felt that his days are coming to an end, he called for his older son and told him "I wish that you, my first born, follow me on the throne and be fair king of this land". But the son replied "Oh father, but I have decided to retreat from worldly affairs and become a monk, and live a holy life".

The king, his father, tried to convince him that his brother lacked the qualities of a fair and good ruler, and he was worried about the people, but the elder prince did not change his decision.

So it happened that after the death of the king, the elder prince went to a holy monastery, and the younger brother took the throne. His ambitions were insatiable, he wanted to be the king of the greatest kingdom ever. He raised the taxes to declare wars and conquer newer and newer regions, the men were at war, and the women and children were starving, and the whole country was suffering terribly.

The morale of the tale: if in your present incarnation you were given power / talents, and your heart is pure, your intentions good, you cannot retreat from the task you were given until you find the right person who takes it over. Otherwise your decision is immoral and adds to the suffering of the living.


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