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going back in time
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going back in time

When you travel back in time in a dream consider the possibility that this represents an aspect of your personality/psyche that is in a state of regression.  This could be a state of regression defined against the collective (e.g. like dreaming of living in the Victorian age, or being fascinated by Victorian culture) or a regression as defined by one's own psyche (e.g. a father or mother complex).  The TV show Lost, in most episodes, suggests via frequent flashbacks that the featured character's experience in the present is psychologically determined by a conflict from the past.  These flashbacks indicate that the character is in a regressive state of some kind with respect to his or her present circumstance.  Sometimes the episode shows a character who renews his or her ties to that past conflict and the complex is intensified, sometimes the character experiences a release from the past conflict and the complex is thereby depotentiated.