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This article was dated 1954....

"Something is being seen," said Jung. "What is seen may be, in the case of a single observer, a subjective vision (hallucination). In the case of several or many observers, it may be a collective vision. Such a psychic phenomenon . . . could be a spontaneous reaction of the subconscious to the present conscious situation: the fear of an apparently insoluble political situation in the world ... At such times eyes turn heavenwards . . . and miraculous forebodings of a threatening or consoling nature appear from on high."

Dr. Jung blames the U.S. Air Force for mishandling the saucer epidemic and for permitting irresponsible journalists to pump it for bits of sensational-sounding information.* He does not believe that the saucers are space ships. Those that are not hallucinations, he thinks, are probably misinterpretations of physical objects or effects. But he was willing to speculate about the effect on the human flee of an invasion by beings from another world....

"Should the origin of the phenomenon turn out to be an extraterrestrial one," said Dr. Jung, "it would prove an intelligent interplanetary link. The impact of such a fact on humanity is unforeseeable. But, without doubt, we would be placed in the very questionable position of today's primitive societies that clash with the superior cultures of the white race. All initiative would be wrested from us. As an old witch doctor once said to me, with tears in his eyes: We would 'have no more dreams.'

"Our sciences and technology would go to the junk pile. What such a catastrophe would mean morally we can gauge by the pitiful decline of the primitive cultures that takes place before our eyes. The capacity to manufacture [interplanetary space ships] points to a technology towering sky high over ours.

Just as the Pax Britannica made an end to tribal warfare in Africa, so our world could roll up its Iron Curtain and use it for scrap . . . This might not be so bad. But we would have been 'discovered' and colonized."

In ancient times, Dr. Jung explains, the UFOs might be classed as "gods," but the unconscious of modern man has a different content. Ancient men saw dragons, other monsters and divine beings in the heavens; modern man sees mechanical portents—mysterious spaceships manned by unearthly superhuman creatures.

Considering the times, a whole fleet may soon appear!


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The best development I've seen of this observation on Jung's part is contained in Patrick Harpur's Daimonic Reality.  It has been awhile since I have read it but he draws from many paranormal phenomenon and how they impact the psyche per Jungian views.  He takes a balanced view of these controversial topics. 

I also like how Whitley Strieber has dealt with his own experiences with the "Visitors".  He is the ultimate combination of believer, skeptic and intelligent writer, the perfect person to sincerely speak about these experiences from the first person perspective.