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Chalquist on the history of the APA
« on: August 30, 2013, 02:11:35 PM »
Jungian author and ecopsychologist Craig Chalquist gives a brief overview of unseemly acts and attitudes of the American Psychological Association:

Why I Am Not a Member of the American Psychological Association

Despicable stuff, no doubt.

One thing I grumbled to myself about when reading this, though, was the use of the term "reductionists" in the second to last paragraph.  Chalquist suggests that various psychological evils (like the creation of Auschwitz) are the product of "nihilistic reductionists" . . . implying that reductionism is a form or expression of nihilism.  This is typical Jungian bullshit and very unfortunate.  Reductionism is just a principle of scientific thought that should not be saddled with moral successes or failures.  Reductive scientific thinking is in no way responsible for the atrocities individuals and regimes have committed in the name of "science".  It is not scientific reductionism that causes dehumanization of others.  That dehumanization is a common human attitude that can flow through many avenues of belief (including, and perhaps most commonly, those that favor spirituality and supernaturalism).

I add this note at the same time I am posting a link to Steven Pinker and Richard Dawkins discussing "Is Science Killing the Soul?" and "Science Is Not Your Enemy."

The APA and its offending members and leaders deserve criticism for their history of unethical and at times horrific acts and statements.  Science, though, should not be blamed.  That is a mistake many Jungians continue to make and which Pinker and Dawkins try to address.
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