Author Topic: Red depends on White (from the Donum Dei)  (Read 5272 times)

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Red depends on White (from the Donum Dei)
« on: September 27, 2007, 11:22:00 AM »
As I was culling through some alchemical texts for information on the Nigredo, I came upon this passage from the Donum Dei regarding the White and Red Stones or Elixirs.  I won't go into an analysis or discussion of this at the moment (unless someone else shows interest) but I wanted to note this passage somewhere at Useless Science so I don't forget where I read it.

Take white laton and break your books to pieces lest your hearts be broken. For our Art is easy and a little help will serve. He that maketh me white shall make me red, for white and red proceedeth from one Root, that which is in the white is in the red, therefore work philosophically, and if thou make white and pass the limits, or end thereof, thou art blessed, this thing if thou shalt see it suddenly, admiration or marvel, fear and dread, shall come upon thee. Decant therefore grind, and reiterate, though the work be tedious and long, for it is done with long decoction, know ye that the flower of the stone is the stone of the Stone, roast it therefore by certain days until it be shining as Marble, and know when it is so, that it is the most greatest secret. For the stone is mixed to the stone. Now most dear friend thou hast learned to make the white.

Now it is to speak of the red, but if thou first make not white, never can there be made true red, for no man may come from the first to the third but by the second, So canst thou not come from black to the citrine but by the white, because that the citrine is made one compound of much white and a little black. Therefore make white the black, and make red the white and you have the art. For the year is divided into four parts, and so is our blessed work. The first is winter cold and moist, the second is ver, hot and moist, and flourishing. The third is the summer time, hot and dry, and red. The fourth is the harvest cold and dry, which is the time of gathering of fruit. This disposition colouring nature govern until such time it bring forth ripe fruit at pleasure. But now the winter is past, the showers be gone away. For the flowers hath appeared in our earth in the time of ver. But we go about the white rose for they made every imperfect or sick body to be turned into true silver.

Therefore when thou seest the whiteness appearing above in all parts be sure, that in that whiteness is there hidden redness. Therefore then you must draw out all the whiteness and decoct it until such time it be made red thoroughly.

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