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Number as Archetype
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R (-).?!.(-)  "entelekk"

"revelation through the dreaming function" ....

"The dream is the small hidden door in the deepest and most intimate sanctum
of the soul, which opens to that primeval cosmic night that was soul long
before there was conscious ego and will be soul far beyond what a conscious
ego could ever reach." -
  --  *Carl Jung*

In the book, "atom and archetype" - Jung and Pauli, (Nobel laureate) discuss the
nature of archetypal reality, including the final conclusions, which are, the nature of
number as the most primal archetype of order in the human mind, i.e., pre-existentent to consciousness....

This is how my story unfolded: Events from May 1988 to October 1988....

While browsing at my local library, I noticed the book, "star signs" by the well
known astrologer, Linda Goodman.
It included the numerology system known as the Chaldean number/alphabet.

This system was mentioned by Nostradamus, in a letter to the King, dated, 1558.
No author, attempting to interpret the "quatrains" - ever mentions this system....

Anyway, I read the book, and kept a copy of the numerology system on my night-stand, thinking it might be of some use....

Four months later, on October 10th, 1988., I had the following dream.

"I'm in a classroom, where a teacher, (woman) is talking about astronomy. The
scene changes to a field, where two bears are romping, and a duck is flying overhead."

Here is one of the articles on this experience:

This, to my knowledge is the first time that researchers, (scientific) have
acknowledged the "synchronicity principle." - as an active force in our reality.

The researchers were furnished copies of other winning tickets, (5) dated prior
to the dream event, and all of them related to this experience.

I've had other experiences with number symbolism, but this was the first
time I ever used the numerology system.

Here are some interesting coincidences about the star Kochab....

There are references to Kochab dating to 2,467 b.c.e.

One chamber of the Great Pyramid is aligned with it.

It has exhausted its primary fuel, so it fits the profile as a very probable
supernova, (date?) ....

Current estimates of the stars distance is 126 light years.

The Mormons, (book of Abraham) believe that a planet, (kolob) orbits Kochab,
which, to them, represents the House of God....

Kochab, and its companion star are known as the Guardians of the Pole.

Two meaning for the word Kochab.   1. The Star   2. Waiting Him that Cometh....

Jung's comments on numbers:

Since the remotest times men have used number to establish
meaningful coincidences, that is, coincidences that can be

There is something peculiar, one might even say mysterious
about numbers. They have never been entirely robbed of their
numinous aura. If, so a textbook of mathematics tell us, a
group of objects is deprived of every single one of its
properties or characteristics, there still remains, at the end,
its number, which seems to indicate that number is something

The sequence of natural numbers turns out to be unexpectedly
more than a mere stringing together of identical units; it
contains the whole of mathematics and everything yet to be
discovered in this field.

Number, therefore, is in one sense an unpredictable entity.

It is generally believed that numbers were invented, or thought
out by man, and are therefore nothing but concepts of quantities
containing nothing that was not previously put into them by the
human intellect. But it is equally possible that numbers were
found or discovered.. In that case they are not only concepts
but something more-autonomous entities which somehow contain
more than just quantities.

Unlike concepts, they are based not on any psychic conditions
but on the quality of being themselves, on a "so-ness" that
cannot be expressed by an intellectual concept.
Under these conditions they might easily be endowed with qualities that have still to be discovered. I must confess
that I incline to the view that numbers were as much found
as invented, and that in consequence they possess a relative
autonomy analogous to that of the archetypes.

They would then have in common with the latter, the quality
of being pre-existent to consciousness, and hence, on occasion,
of conditioning it, rather than being conditioned by it.

"man has need of the word, but in essence number is sacred."  ....Jung....

"our primary mathematical intuitions can be arranged before we become
conscious of them."   ....Pauli....

In quantum physics, natural numbers are considered to be the ultimate
structural element of being.  See, (exclusion principle), Pauli....

References:   Synchronicity-an acausal connecting principle, Jung.

                   Number and Time, M.L.-von Franz

                   Atom and Archetype, Jung/Pauli letters, 1932-1958



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Re: Number as Archetype
« Reply #1 on: November 12, 2011, 06:13:59 AM »
The number (or, more accurately, the ratio [yes, rationality spawned from this]) as the ultimate and primordial being of concrete reality (outside a mind) was postulated by Pythagoras and his fellow acolytes. It is the basis for Plato's theory of forms and can be found in Democritus' theory of atoms, though the first philosopher to use the word "atomos" was Aristotle. Basically, if you are an idea-list, or have a more profound way of thinking that the empirical/scientist way, you like and support this (the "number" as fabric-of-everything). I do too.

Also, a-tomos is a form, meaning "something-that-cannot-be-torn-apart-into-more-than-itself". In this sense, the infinite is... atomal, or atomic. :)

P.S. Science uses atoms to designate, in some quantifiable way, pieces of matter that were small enough 50 years ago but aren't now. But those are in-formations, or more simply put, cases (contingencies). The scientific atom has a stripped, rawed down sense from the original greek meaning.