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A Seed's Journey
« on: February 12, 2009, 09:38:33 PM »
                                                                             In response to Miss Judith's new journey; may she find her way ..................

   A seed is created........equipped with the instinctual, if not cosmic foreknowledge of events to come. It begins it's growth in two opposite directions; Skywards into the sun and earthwards into the soil.
   In the sun, it will breath in carbon dioxide, and through transpiration use it, change it and return it to the atmosphere; no longer a gas poisonous to the animal kingdom, but instead one that is clean and life sustaining. Through photosynthesis, it will absorb sunlight and turn it into a unique form of energy that it can use. Above ground, it will cool the temperature with shade, provide food and nutrition for other life forms and help clean the world in which it lives.
   Below ground, it's roots will extend deep into the earth, accessing the nutrient-rich water table. They will extend outward, providing a strong, efficient support system in preparation for a lifetime of growth in size and weight. The roots aid in preventing over-erosion of the soil, giving the landscape stability and endurance.
   When the tree is established in maturity, it begins to form seeds. Now, these seeds cannot simply fall to the earth below. There isn't sufficient light due to the shade of the parent tree, and there isn't enough room, nutrients or water for both old and new growth.

                                                                                               Enter the genius of our Mother Earth.........

       Some seeds come in the form of cotton, as light as air, able to hitch a ride for miles on the slightest breeze. Others are like single blade "helicopters," twirling their way across vast expanses in no wind at all. Pine trees, geared for life in the thickest of forests, hold onto their seeds until the parent's present journey has ended, and it has returned to the ground. Only then will it finally release the seeds to embark on their own new path.
      My favorite, however, is the apple tree. It's seeds cannot soar, fly or perform any other kind of airborn maneuver. It is merely a small, black pebble. Instead, it's parent will build a juicy, sugary pith around it; something sure to please the taste buds of any living creature. But how will they know it to be tasty? Maybe a bright, beautiful red package to wrap it all in. And when this apple is it's brightest and tastiest, it's stem will get weak, and it will plummet down through the lower branches to the shady earth beneath.
     Not to worry though, for along comes a deer, wasting no time devouring this bright and delicious treat it has found. She then continues on her stroll, let's say, to a sunny meadow by the river. As she walks, her body digests the apple, getting needed sustenance and refreshment, allowing only the seed to survive. She walks to the edge of the forest and beyond, finally arriving hours later at her destination. Right before a nice afternoon nap, she takes a huge, gnarly dump in the grass.
     Now this seed lies unscathed, in a field that could use a few more trees, a short distance from the river, in it's very own pile of the best fertilizer on the planet. Hell, even the shit forms a crust, offering the seed added protection while it germinates. You can't write this stuff.....
    And so then continues the cycle of life and endless energy.
    I am not a Christian, I put no creed into anyone else's idea of religion, I don't pray and if there is a god, I am usually pissed off at his ass. I do, however, recognize the harmonious and symbiotic flow of life on this earth. I have realized that energy never ceases to exist, but rather only transforms into something else. Not something better or worse. Just different.
   Today, in my front yard, I noticed a kid a block away bouncing a basketball. I could see the ball leave his hands, hit the ground, return to his grasp, and remain there a step or two before I heard the sound of the bounce. Of course, the light particles reflecting this image traveled much faster than the sound of it all, causing the delay.
   Whenever we look up at the night sky, we are literally looking into the past. Think of a star that is 10 million lightyears away. If a lightyear is the distance covered by light traveling in a straight line for an entire year, then much of the twinkling we see in our night sky comes from stars long since expired. Our star could have gone supernova 5 million years ago, yet we will continue to see it's light for another 5 million years! Light that is still visible after 315,360,000,000,000 miles away. THREE HUNDRED TRILLION MILES and still perceptible!.
   Proof to me that energy never ends; that everything is on it's way to somewhere else, and here and now is just another stop on the way, like yesterday was and tomorrow will be.....
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Re: A Seed's Journey
« Reply #1 on: August 22, 2012, 12:39:31 AM »
Although this beautifully poetic post has been read over 2,000 times, I don't see any responses.  Has nobody responded?  Thank you, codyc. I hope you are still around.


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Re: A Seed's Journey
« Reply #2 on: September 18, 2014, 03:04:32 PM »
You could call this...the dream of Adam...foreboding the proverbial Newton's apple.  Then God comes along and makes Adam feel guilty for realizing this because it unmasks God's craft as knowable...