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Egoic-split as super archetype
« on: October 12, 2007, 01:40:17 PM »
I want to make note here of a growing intuition I have that the following terms point thematically to a similar root archetype, a super-archetype if you will, that underlies these archetypal motifs...


Each of these motifs seems to revolve around the super archetype of the egoic-split or, as Neumann might call it, the Separation of the World Parents where the ego first makes a major break from the unconscious as a separate system and feels the pain and guilt of that separation as a loss of childhood innocence. 

These may be the motifs that cluster around what may or may not resolve to an individual's single or primary core complex if such a thing exists.  Are our personalities formed about a single core psychic event that determines, simultaneously, our strengths and weaknesses, our concerns and ignorances?  Or are we all archetypally blinded in a similar objective fashion in a variety of subjective ways?  Or is it something in-between with some of us multiply complexed and others more singly complexed if that makes any sense?

More simply, can we always look to find a primary complex to resolve and, once resolved, always find another lesser one to address ad infinitum?  Or is there truly an end to inner adaptation?

As part of all of this the motif of time provides a finite element that may help to highlight one complex at a time as the primary one.  With time there is a recognition that the physically connected instinct requires satisfaction at a definite moment and will not suffer to have the gratification of the instinct delayed indefinitely.  As such an unsatisfied instinct (wound, question, bias, problem) and its associated energy (cure, gift, talent, secret) forces the ego and unconscious to a particular symbolic configuration as the instinct pumps up the energy while the higher consciousness delays gratification because it is looking for a better solution/plan of action to take to satisfy that instinct.  The clock is ticking and the bombs are dropping or the animals bite is closing down...again and again we encounter this cyclic scenario in an endless variety of forms.