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Scene Changes
« on: August 23, 2007, 12:06:58 PM »
I just had a thought I wanted to jot down...

Per my previous theorizing I have speculated that the cortical maps in the cerebral hemispheres are important structural elements in understanding how dreams are composed.  I just had a thought that the ideas of both circumambulation and cortical regions are relevant to when a dream changes scene.

What if a dream scene change is correlated with a change in the locus of the cortical region that is underlying the dream?  No one cortical region can generate a dream but there may be a need for the brain, in producing the dream, to effect a scene change if there is such thing as a "primary locus" of brain activity changing over the course of the dream.

Just a thought.  Although it sounds like something that might be amenible to scientific verification, I think the issues with dream recall and coordination of time lines with waking world time measurements of brain activity could be highly problematic.