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Receiving a wound or having been wounded in a dream is metaphoric of an ego consciousness moving to set itself up as a separate system from that of the unconscious.  As such the separate conscious system creates a polarity or dichotomy of value systems.  The wound is often indicative of a primary psychic split necessary in the development of the ego as capable of persisting amidst the energies of the total psyche.

The Wound is the archetype of this split or splitting that must be experienced as part of the course of normal psychic development.  The Wound is formative of one's personal psychology and typology and represents the necessarily biased attitude that the ego must initially take up in order to become a persistent psychic complex.  Without the Wound there is no focus of libido sufficient to push this stage of psychic development.

The Wound indicates instinctual energies that have sent an ultimatum to the ego to satisfy an instinctual need.  In response the ego can take the energy of this ultimatum to achieve a biased approach that will persist through the lifetime of the personal psyche to efficiently channel psychic energy toward the fulfillment of instinctual needs.  The Wound is as such the cause for the development of what is most adaptive within us.  At the same time it represents an inner weakness or secret which, by ego-logic and intention, must never be exposed.  Inevitably the Wound which makes us strong also arises as our ultimate problem to be solved.  In the end this problem is really just a condition, a necessary imbalance, a seed, to drive the process of self-consciousness forward (as seen from an intentional stance) and does not so much reflect an unhealthy psyche as it does a naturally, necessarily flawed personality whose ultimate perfection requires this imperfection. 

In a dream the moment one experiences a wound it is likely that a change in perspective will occur.  It is as if the wound itself is too much for consciousness to handle and the overwhelming energy of this experience is displaced or repressed.  Dreams will often omit in one way or another the moment of the wound.  Sometimes the perspective changes to that of third-person, often a disembodied perspective. 

The wound may be delivered or threatened within the context of a specific time.  The time factor comes in as the instinct demands fulfillment in a finite amount of time.  The instincts usually contribute to the psychic economy in a cyclical fashion involving alternating phases of requirement and fulfillment.