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It seems that decisions whether made or contemplated are often an important element in a dream.  Choices may have been made in the past or they may be a present concern.  Preferences are what I would call unconscious choices as they reflect a tendency to make a choice based on what one just knows that one likes. 

Often a choice in a dream may refer to one's typological hierarchy.  Each of the four functions have something of a pecking order with the primary function the clear favorite.  The choice then becomes whether one should pursue a path inclusive of that other functional perspective which one has historically devalued.  The choice may present itself even as one between good and evil or as one between a balance of each quality in the (usually) two options at hand. 

The Choice I feel is connected with the Wound.  By a capital C Choice I mean a fateful choice that one has made in one's unconscious psyche and is/was profoundly formative of the personality as it stands then and now.  The Choice is an archetype and as such is not finally to be traced to one specific moment in personal history.  Instead, waking world history "clothes" these archetypal forms.  In response to those most frightening monsters or fateful options we encounter in dreams we behold the archetypal Choice which goes hand in hand with the Wound that is equally formative of our personal psychology.

I suspect that much of the nature of what we call free will is reflected in the archetype of the choice.  Exploring what great choices mean in one's own life should provide insight into the nature and meaning of free will.