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great chain of being
« on: July 27, 2007, 03:19:56 PM »
Here is my dream version of the Great Chain of Being!

Plants: least conscious, stationary (close to structural) elements of psyche; I have imagined that trees are like all or part of the central nervous system which connects sensory neurons rooted in the physical world (both external and internal) with the cerebral cortex which is rooted in ever-increasing layers of abstraction and mapping.  Trees seem to be an objective perspectives on the lower level process of developing perceptions and thoughts.  Trees may be associated with great power as the sensory nervous system is a source of great power in the form of the channel for sensory input from the physical world providing a flood-like impact on our inner world. 

Animals: they move, they bite, they lunge; they are the instincts as living forms with certain qualities of character which make them more like human personalities; when they bite it means that the instinct is tired of waiting for the higher cognitive powers that be to provide an answer!

Humans: these are the cohabitants of our inner and outer worlds who make up the atoms of our whole personality and our choices for responding to life's dilemnas and other less portentious options

Aliens: these are the specialists, the upper invaders who seek to overpower us mere earthlings; they attack, they intimidate, they get things done!  These are the entities that have separated from their home ground; these beings come when your psyche is knowingly self-conscious.  They may look exactly like us, but they are in disguise!  Look for themes of eye-contact or avoidance thereof, of disguise and reveal, of preparing for a new understanding, a new technology or conscious tool of psychic understanding.  They may be scarey but they are here to help us!  Or are they?...
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