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A circle defines a space that is usually seen as having a center and a circumference.  Unlike squares, circles don't emphasize directionality in and of themselves (although they may often indicate directionality (as in the four directions of the square or 'plus'/cross)).  Commonly one can find, within a circle, a constellation of images that roughly defines a whole in terms of a finite set of parts or subparts.  Typically the greater the distance from the center the more diverse the array of parts that makes the whole.  Such images are mandalic in character especially when filled out with one's subjective contents of consciousness.

A circle in a dream is some attempt to formulate a finite image (symbol) for one's conscious relationship to the contents of the unconscious.  This is what makes the circle and its contents significant, it takes the wide, wide world which stretches to the horizon in all directions and attempts to summarize it in a finite space.  The array of dissimilar items in opposing positions in a finite space can generate a numinous feeling of significance for the viewer who has a sympathic subjective response.   

In another context circles can emphasize a rotational direction, an indication that one travels round and will eventually come back to the same place while remaining at some distance from the center.  In the center may lie an energic source which prevents (or prevents consciousness of) a trajectory through the center in one way or another.  Oftentimes an opposing force might be avoided by circumventing it in either a horizontal or vertical sense.   

There are vertical and horizontal circles.  Vertical circles may indicate the ascending and descending movements of consciousness.  Where the ratio of energy available to ego-consciousness is increasing, there is an ascending movement.  This can include moving up a staircase or jumping or flying.  Where the unconscious is gaining the upper hand in the energic supply, there is a descending movement.  This can indicate moving down a staircase or underground, trying to land after flying or after jumping from a high place.

A horizontal circle may be tied in with the four directions and/or the four conscious functions as separate, but equal, modes of conscious cognition.  As one traverses a horizontal circle one changes the direction in which one faces.  This may signal a change in conscious attitude in a dream (although this certainly isn't the only way this may be indicated).  A horizontal circling is sometimes referred to as a circumambulation.  Circumambulation is significant when it achieves a full circle as this is convincing of the cyclical nature of conscious development, namely, that we must traverse a full circle of perspectives in order to change our perspective in a beneficial, non-arbitrary way.

The horizontal and vertical can be combined as in the case of moving up or down a spiral staircase.

The circumference of a circle is often associated with the snake.