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I use this term to signify a shadow or anima/animus or other character who falls to the side of collaboration rather than interference with the dreamer’s character/perspective. 

For example, instead of an aggressively oppositional shadow with whom the dream struggle is the focus, one may have a companion of the same sex who has a different opinion or takes a different action in response to some other dream event which is the focus of the dream.  A dream that focuses on an agreeable relationship with the shadow may have a humorous, ironic or paradoxical character.

In the case of an anima or animus, instead of rejecting or desiring the figure of the opposite sex and having that as the energic center of the dream, one has ready access to some knowledge or quality of that other inner personality and together one can share that quality while other events in the dream proceed.  A dream or psychic experience which focuses on an agreeable meeting of ego and anima-us is a coniunctio.

Whenever a number of such characters accompany the dreamer in a dream I refer to them collectively as the ego-team.  An ego-team is a consciously, cooperatively coordinated group of personality centers who more-or-less try to work together in response the events of a dream.