What Are Shorts?

Although I never intended to treat this website like a traditional blog, I recently noticed that I have accumulated many long drafts of essays that I never seem to finish.  If I ever get back to them, I often feel like I would rather start over form scratch on the same subject than revise and complete the previous ones.  And that's a recipe for never finishing anything.

Since I have so many unpublished drafts and yet it seems these essays have a relatively short shelf life (at least from the author's perspective), I thought it would be a wise choice to try to make shorter entries that I would actually finish (or at least publish).  I've found that I much prefer a focused burst of energy on any one topic.  If I can't manage to finish a piece within two or three days (preferably one sitting), then it is usually never finished.

This Shorts section is meant to help treat this particular puer trait.  The idea is that I will publish to the Shorts section only what I can finish in one sitting.  My hope is that this will allow more of my thoughts to make their way into the light.  This site has always felt very sparse to me (compared to the Useless Science forum or even the IAJS discussion list I often participate in).  I'm not sure it gives a thorough enough introduction to my thinking . . . let alone anything like a comprehensive catalog of my work.

If successful (as a method of tricking the author into greater or more useful productivity), these shorts will function as entry points into my thought (which can be rather alien and even at times off-putting to many other Jungians) and also sign posts along the way to more substantial projects.

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